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AI Docs makes business easier

Users configure documents in the “Configuration UI”. Both traditional rules and artificial intelligence guide users through the configuration process in a structured way. Once complete, users select ‘Build & Save’. Then, AI Docs’ document logic translates users’ entries into the perfect “Configured Doc”.

Configuration UI

AI Docs guides the user through selections and entries

The Configuration UI of AI Docs includes traditional rules and artificial intelligence that result in presenting the user with only the fields and options compatible with their previous selections. This allows fast and accurate generation of your important business documents – sales docs, contracts, and/or letters. This error-free approach allows customers to extend AI Docs to whoever you feel appropriate – your office staff, field personnel, and potentially even customers.

Configured Doc

User's selections are converted to the perfect Configured Doc

AI Docs allows you to configure sales docs, contracts, and letters, fast and error-free. The Configuration UI rules and artificial intelligence work together with AI Docs’ document logic to precisely build each Configured Doc upon user selecting the ‘Save & Build’ button at the end of the Configuration UI. Depending on user permissions, each Configured Doc is available in PDF and Word format.

Doc Actions

Easily find, edit, copy, share and eSign Configured Docs

Once the Configured Doc is created, users can do all the document-related activities directly in the AI Docs cloud-based platform. AI Docs has native electronic signature functionality called Signature Workflow. This functionality provides an extremely easy-to-use eSign experience for signers while having workflow capabilities such as reminders, tasks, and notifications for your people managing the signature process.

AI Docs admin screens make implementation easy

AI Docs extensive no-code admin and setup screens help streamline the software implementation to include the capture of your unique rules and logic. Have us setup AI Docs for you turnkey, do it yourself after training, or choose to have us work side by side on the implementation. Choose whatever is best and easiest for you.

Can AI Docs help your business or organization?

We are experts at determining if and where AI Docs can provide value.  We promise not to waste your time!

Gain efficiency through automation

Save time and improve productivity by automating with AI Docs.

Reduce errors

Configure documents based on rules and artificial intelligence, not an error prone "same as except" process.

Free up subject matter experts

Enable others (field people, customers, etc.) to configure complex documents without any help.

Win more deals

Companies that can react quickly and accurately to prospects and customers, win more deals.

Electronically capture tribal knowledge

Don't risk losing important company, product, and pricing knowledge when employees leave.

Support making work fun

Manual processes and paperwork can suck the fun out of any organization.

Help your sales process

Learn how AI Docs can help your sales process by letting you create summary letters, ROI's, proposals, and contracts.

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AI Docs is based out of Oak Brook, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

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