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Embrace what's possible with AI and transform your sales process and sales documents.

AI Docs along with our collective 50 years of enterprise sales experience and know-how will provide you the guided discipline, automation, and differentiators you need to beat the competition.

Discovery Summary Letters

  • Paste-in discovery notes
  • Auto-identification and isolation of business challenges
  • Differentiate – help prospects recognize their current state and challenges

Financial Justifications (ROI Software)

  • Identify cost savings and profit gains
  • Auto-calculate 3-year impact and cost of inaction
  • Competitive advantage – support delivery of a value-based proposal

Personalized Proposals

  • Powered by traditional rules and AI
  • Guided UX enables non-SMEs and ensures consistency
  • Beat the competition – faster turnaround, accurate, professional

Contracts & Agreements

  • Configure details, auto-build contract
  • Create and reuse workflow templates
  • Remove friction – eSign from any device

Sales Docs

Discovery Summary Letters

In-depth discovery is vital to understand an organization’s current state, business challenges, and vision for the desired future state.

While one intention is to qualify the prospect and yourself in or out, don’t be tempted to rush the process. Listen more, speak less.

Ask open-ended questions to start. Continue to be curious with more specific questions to learn details and uncover the root cause of problems. Ask what’s most important and who else in the organization is impacted or cares about the issues. Learn if or where your solution adds value.

After, use AI Docs to create a professional Discovery Summary Letter.

To configure your letter, copy-and-paste your ‘raw’ discovery notes into AI Docs, include prospect contact information, choose letter format / style, and auto-generate draft wording that recognizes and expands on the business challenges in your notes.

Differentiate yourself by delivering the Discovery Summary Letter to your prospect. Ask for feedback. What did you miss? Let them know you’ll review the letter with them at the start of your next meeting to help drive a next step.

Sales Docs

Financial Justifications (ROI Software)

Often, your biggest competitor is status quo or ‘do nothing’. In those cases, organizations have a mindset of “What we have is working, no need to change.” People may not say it, but they know change is disruptive, time-consuming. 

So, how do we one-up the competition and motivate the prospect to act? Use ROI software to include a Return-on-Investment in your value-based, personalized proposal.

In the discovery process, you identified and helped the prospect recognize their business challenges and related emotional distress. Both are important. For change to happen, people need to want to change.

An ROI adds financial proof of why change makes sense. It also highlights the cost of inaction, the cost of ‘do nothing’.

Gathering data for an ROI can be difficult. AI Docs ROI software makes it easy. Salespeople are guided through the process of choosing and quantifying areas of cost savings as well as profit gained due to increased sales. The resulting calculations are supported by an executive summary as well as the assumptions and data used.

It’s likely that at some point in the approval process, your proposal will be viewed by someone with whom you don’t have a relationship advantage. Use the ROI as a competitive advantage and financial justification of your value.

Sales Docs

Personalized Proposals

Fast, accurate, and professional responses to prospective customers are essential. You’re showing the prospect they’re important, respected.

A significant competitive advantage is gained when you communicate clearly and quickly while demonstrating competency and attention to detail. All qualities prospective customers want when choosing a partner and solution. You differentiate yourself and score points in areas you won’t find on their feature comparison scorecard.

Historical methods to create personalized, value-based proposals take hours and are prone to errors. Start with a proposal template, fill-in the blanks. Start with a proposal from a previous prospect, use find-and-replace to update.

There’s a better way.

AI Docs guides salespeople. Critical for less-seasoned Reps and establishing consistency when scaling teams. Rules and calculations to ensure accuracy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables efficiency and a higher-quality, more professional document (auto-generation of an executive summary, identification of business challenges and project goals from discovery notes, and more).

Beat your competition with thoroughness, competency, and quality, not features.

Sales Docs

Contracts & Agreements

Simply put, you want to create a better experience for your to-be-customer. You want to be easy to work with.

Just as you one-up’d the competition by providing the Discovery Summary Letter and ROI to help your prospect recognize their current situation and the value your solution offers; you want to remove friction related to the final stage of them becoming your customer… reviewing and signing the contract.

Streamlining the contract creation process also empowers and guides your internal team.  Salespeople can transition prospects to customers faster, more easily, and error free.

In addition to automating the contract, AI Docs has a simple, straightforward eSignature process. Our Signature Workflow allows for the creation and leveraging of workflow templates or creation of one-off workflows. With appropriate permissions, users define workflow steps (Tasks, Reminders, Customer/Company Sign, Email final), specify person(s) to notify, personalize email bodies, and set timing for each step (immediate, no sooner than date, after previous).

Carry your ‘win’ across the finish line more easily while providing a positive experience for your prospects, simplifying their transition to becoming a customer.

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