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"AI Docs transformed how we create, sign, and manage our customer contracts."

Mary Ann Geers
SVP Marketing & Corporate Strategy, GPA Acquisitions

AI Docs is affordable contract lifecycle management (CLM) software for small and midsized organizations

Guide and empower less less contract-saavy users to generate contracts faster and error-free. Give your prospects an easy and friction-free transition to being a customer with our eSignature process. All while your contracts and supporting data are centrally located in our AI Docs platform that is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ensure Accuracy

  • Define rules and logic to guide users
  • Eliminate errors caused when manually creating contracts
  • Remove bottlenecks by enabling less knowledgeable users

Risk Mitigation

  • Eliminate mistakes from starting with or reusing past contracts
  • Require users to enter mandatory information
  • Ensure contracts include all correct, necessary wording

Ease of Doing Business

  • Native ability to review and eSign
  • eSign from any device, no app or login required
  • Create a positive experience for customers and partners

Contracts Management

  • Create and reuse workflow templates
  • Control access and permissions by role and contract status
  • Ensure follow through on renewals and forewarning of expiration

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Does this sound familiar?

Time is of the essence to get a sales contract together, colleagues are busy, and you’re starting to lose confidence…

Need Agreement to close new deal, sales ops & legal not responding

U know details?

Yep, same as our Acme Inc customer with a few changes

Reuse & update the agreement we used for acme inc

Just get it right & send for esign

Can you proof, don’t want to screw it up

No time today

"Is that it? How do I know if I updated and included everything for this deal?"

Or this..?

"I hope these T&Cs are right.

Do I delete this entire section?

Ugh, now I need to reformat these pages..."

Are template contracts on legal drive up to date?

Should be


Use one with most recent date

Follow margin comments, fill in blanks

U good?

I think so

Just wanna get it right

Good, get it right

Lot of blanks to fill in…

AI Docs can help eliminate these pain points with our contract lifecycle management (CLM) software.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Ensure Accuracy

Putting together contracts and agreements typically requires subject-matter-expertise. Understanding content and criteria is critical. Under which conditions do entire document sections need to be included or replaced with an alternative? Based on what criteria will you insert wording or phrases into an existing section? Are the T&Cs or SLA current and appropriate? These are a few of many concerns.

Often, organizations have one or a few people with this level of knowledge. Their process includes using past contracts as the basis for new contracts or starting with a template, saving as, and following the margin comments and filling in the blanks.

That manual process creates bottlenecks and is error-prone.

With the AI Docs contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, rules and logic guide users through contract configuration and creation. All necessary data is captured, all required clauses are incorporated. No errors are introduced, no ‘leftover’ or inappropriate information is included.

The AI Docs contract lifecycle management (CLM) software empowers less knowledgeable personnel to configure and create contracts while ensuring accuracy and eliminating bottlenecks.

Rule-Based Deliverables

Risk Mitigation

Contracts exist in case something goes wrong. While the Parties endeavor to protect themselves, nearly every contract or agreement includes elements of risk. Risk comes in many forms with many areas of impact; legal, financial, meeting investor targets, opinion of the market, customer satisfaction and retention, and more.

AI Docs helps you mitigate risk. Our contract configuration and automation process provides predictable and accurate rule-based deliverables all while improving your response time to customers and partners.

Gone are the days of forgetting to include a critical clause, term, or condition. Users will worry no more whether they’ve included all the necessary information or if they’re using the most current template. Customers or partners will never see another organization’s name in place of theirs because a previous contract was used to create their contract. As elementary as these blunders sound, they’re everyday occurrences without the guardrails of contract configuration and automation.

While you cannot eliminate risk, our contract lifecycle management (CLM) software helps you to control and mitigate your risk.

Signature Workflow

Ease of Doing Business

You’ve done everything in your power to earn the ‘win’ of a new partner or customer. Don’t start this new relationship by making it painful for them to officially become your customer. Instead, continue to be as easy to work with as you were during the sales or courting process. Make their review and signing of your contract or agreement simple and friction free.

Likewise, provide a straightforward approach for your internal team. Allow them to easily send contracts for review and signature, provide visibility of the status of in-process contract reviews, and quickly countersign to ‘close the deal’.

The Signature Workflow functionality in AI Docs enables all this and more. This built-in workflow and eSignature capability keeps your internal team in one system. Configure, build, send, and sign your contracts and agreements all within AI Docs.

You and your customers / partners can review and eSign from any web-accessible device. No app, no separate login, and no additional licensing required.

Make the first impression of your new customer or partner a positive experience by proving how easy it is to do business with your organization using our contract lifecycle management (CLM) software.

Reduce Touches

Contract Management

GPA Acquisitions LLC, part of Fedrigoni Group, expands brand potential by providing substrates to help their partners and clients innovate and shape the printing industry. Simply put, they make coated paper.

GPA’s lack of a solution to configure, sign, and manage contracts was costing them money. Their challenges included old contracts with legacy pricing, out-of-date T&Cs, and missing signatures. They were losing money due to the absence of customer inventory reminders and write-offs due to no notification of product expiration.

With their clients ranging from small, family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies, they needed purpose-built contract management that was easy for their clients to use. In addition, they wanted to “reduce touches” of contracts internally, automate tasks, reminders, and notifications for renewals or product expiration, and control permissions depending on the contract status.

AI Docs have given GPA the confidence they need to consistently configure, sign, and manage contracts all while saving them money using our contract lifecycle management (CLM) software.

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