Automated Letter Writing Software

Write letters using artificial intelligence

AI Docs automates the configuration, creation, and sending of your letters.

Guide users while boosting their letter writing creativity.  From education to businesses to community organizations.  Writers configure letters by choosing desired content to include, how to personalize, and our automated letter writing software helps generate high-quality wording.


  • Letters of recommendation
  • Scholarships, awards, appreciation
  • College and graduate school admissions, career placement


  • Cover letter for resumes
  • Recommendation for promotion or position
  • Annual performance review or development plan


  • Activity coordination and newsletters
  • Requests for volunteers, donations, and sponsors
  • Town and HOA member welcome and accouncements

Empower Your Letters

Write better letters, faster with our automated letter writing software.

Starting a letter from scratch can be daunting. Looking at a blank paper or screen raises questions…

You could try jumpstarting the process. Start with a letter you’ve written in the past or perhaps iterate through prompts asking ChatGPT. Using those methods, how original will your letter be? How personalized? What did you forget to include? What about the format and letterhead?

AI Docs can help.

The Configuration Interface provides guardrails for letter writers, guiding them through the process to create more personalized letters in minutes instead of hours. Along the way, as the author, writers are in control of how the letter is written and are offered thought-provoking ideas for letter content. When ready, letter writers select ‘Generate Wording’ and AI Docs sends a smart-prompt to ChatGPT. The letter draft wording is quickly returned allowing the letter writer to review and edit or regenerate as desired.

Empower your letter writers to author higher-quality, more personalized letters by harnessing the power of the automated letter writing software. 

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